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Season 3: Episode 8- God Shammgod

On this episode of The Paul Rivera Podcast, PR sits down with Dallas Mavericks Player Development Coach & basketball legend, God Shammgod. They discuss how Shammgod got his name, rooming with a future NBA great at ABCD camp, Biggie and Jay Z coming to high school games in the 90’s, unintentionally creating the “Shammgod” move, his time in the league as a player and how he’s influenced the last, current and next generation of ballers. 

Season 3: Episode 6- Josh Kroenke (Vice Chairman of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment)

On this episode of The Paul Rivera Podcast, PR sits down with Vice Chairman of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (owner of the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Los Angeles Rams, and Arsenal F.C. to name a few), Josh Kroenke. They discuss. Josh’s very unique role across all the families properties from sports to real estate, life in the NBA bubble during the Denver Nuggets Playoffs run, owning the iconic Arsenal Football Club in London, and his advice to young execs looking to thrive in the sports industry.

Season 3: Episode 4- Fara Leff (COO Klutch Sports Group)

On this episode of The Paul Rivera Podcast, PR sits down with Chief Operating Officer of Klutch Sports Group, Fara Leff. They discuss Fara’s untraditional path to working in sports, how working as an executive assistant for 6 years gave her the experience she needed to be successful in her role now, the power of relationships and being nice, working with Rich Paul, and helping build Klutch Sports Group into one of the top athlete agencies in the world.

Season 3: Episode 1- Kendrick Perkins

The Paul Rivera Podcast is back! We’re kicking off Season 3 with NBA Champion and ESPN analyst, Kendrick Perkins! They discuss Kendrick’s journey to the league, playing with three future league MVP’s at the same time in OKC, teaming up with LeBron from AAU to the NBA, his NBA bubble predictions and how he accidentally fell into an analyst career.

This convo is as authentic as it gets, everything you’d expect from Kendrick Perkins! 

Season 2: Ep 3- Draymond Green

On the first remote episode of the Paul Rivera Podcast, PR sits down with NBA Champion and returning guest, Draymond Green. They discuss how he found out the NBA season had been suspended, what he’s been up to during this new reality, his transition to team Converse & when he thinks he’ll play in an NBA game again. It’s everything you expect, and a lot of what you wouldn’t, from NBA All-Star Draymond Green.

Episode 13: Rich Paul

On this episode of The Paul Rivera Podcast, PR sits down with NBA powerbroker Rich Paul. They discuss why he doesn’t like being called an agent, the grind to get to the top, how he deals with the hate, why he’ll never get credit for LeBron, and how he might be your favorite jump shooters favorite jump shooter.

Episode 2: Shoe Surgeon

On episode 2 of the Paul Rivera Podcast, PR sits down with Dominic Chambrone aka “The Shoe Surgeon” to talk about his rise from shoe repair cobbler, to one of the biggest names in sneaker culture.