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Season 3: Episode 3- Jed Berger (Global CMO of Foot Locker Inc)

On this episode of The Paul Rivera Podcast, PR sits down with Global CMO of Foot Locker Inc, Jed Berger. They discuss Jed’s early days co-founding and building Dime Magazine, what PR was like as a young professional when he started his first job at Dime, Jed becoming a SVP of Marketing at Models by age 27, and the valuable life lessons and values he credits his success to so far. It’s real, insightful, and everything you’d expect from The Paul Rivera Podcast.

Season 3: Episode 2- John Elliott

On this episode of The Paul Rivera Podcast, PR sits down with designer John Elliott. They discuss how John blended his two passions of skateboarding and basketball when building his brand, doubling down on relationships vs getting a formal education in fashion design and the story behind the once in a lifetime opportunity to design a shoe with Nike and LeBron James.

Season 2: Ep 3- Draymond Green

On the first remote episode of the Paul Rivera Podcast, PR sits down with NBA Champion and returning guest, Draymond Green. They discuss how he found out the NBA season had been suspended, what he’s been up to during this new reality, his transition to team Converse & when he thinks he’ll play in an NBA game again. It’s everything you expect, and a lot of what you wouldn’t, from NBA All-Star Draymond Green.